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Lake County’s success lies in its unwavering commitment to developing talent to serve the most most important and innovative sectors of the American economy. The key to this is the area's unique Workforce Ecosystem comprising the following renowned institutions:

Lake county partners

Resources and collaboration to help improve job opportunities and drive economic growth.

College of Lake county

Broad range of academic programs, with 40 percent of its majors directly related to Lake County’s most in-demand jobs. The Workforce and Professional Development Institute provides professional development training, consulting, and courses for businesses and the community.

University Center of Lake County

Over 120 programs for bachelor’s, master’s, and professional development certifications from 16 colleges and universities across Illinois.

high schools

Local private and charter schools rank among the nation’s best, with nearly 60 percent of students attending nationally-renowned schools.

Lake County Tech Campus

Extension programs for high school students to attend career-specific training courses.

Lake County Workforce Development

Assists individuals with disabilities, youth, veterans, ex-offenders, and seniors with job placement and training.

Lake County Workforce
Development Programs

Incumbent Worker Training Grants

The Incumbent Worker Training (IWT) program helps local businesses to develop and implement training programs to retain current employees. IWT helps businesses to avoid layoffs, downsizing or closures by providing an opportunity to work with current employees who need to improve their skills. Business service team members can assist employers in finding a trainer that suits their needs. Based on the size of the company, 50% or more of the costs of training can be reimbursed through the program.

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On the Job Training Grants

On-the-Job Training (OJT) is a “hire-first” program in which the employer enters into an agreement with the Job Center of Lake County to hire, train, and retain a job seeker upon successful completion of the training program. OJT provides employers with a way to have new employees gain specific skills and employment competencies. This is accomplished through exposure in an actual work setting to the processes, work tasks, tools and methods of a specific job or group of jobs. OJT training can assist employers who are looking to expand their businesses and assist applicants to address their skill gaps. OJT employers may receive up to 50% reimbursement of the wage rate.

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University Center of Lake County

The University Center comprises 7 public and 9 private institutions providing bachelors, graduate, and advanced professional development programs at multiple sites to those who work or reside in or near Lake County. More than 130 degrees, certificates, and professional development courses are offered in: Arts, Entertainment and Hospitality; Business and Information Technology; Communication and Humanities; Education and Social Sciences; Legal Studies and Public Safety; Manufacturing, Engineering and Advanced Technologies; Science and Math; Sustainability and Horticulture; Human Services and Social Work; Wellness and Health Sciences.

Students apply to and graduate from an individual college or university offering fully-accredited degrees; academic standards and quality are rigorously maintained by the faculty of each college or university. Classes are scheduled in a variety of formats that appeal to adults: evenings and weekends, in-person, online, blended, and interactive video.

The College of Lake County’s Career and Job Placement Center (CJPC)

The CJPC is committed to building relationships and supporting employers’ recruitment needs by connecting companies with a talented pool of job seekers, internship and apprenticeship candidates. One of the most effective methods of employer engagement is to participate in CJPC’s job and career fairs, which provide a vibrant, professional atmosphere to meet hundreds of candidates and build your brand. College of Lake County also coordinates internships as a direct sourcing tool that has a positive impact on long-term hiring goals. CJPC’s apprenticeship program is a structured “Learn and Earn” program that combines job-related classroom learning with structured on-the-job training guided by a mentor.

In addition, any company with their headquarters in Lake County can form a partnership with CLC via a Master Business Services Agreement that would allow all of their employees (regardless of whether they live in Lake County or elsewhere) to receive in-district tuition for CLC credit classes. For companies in the innovation sector, the College’s Engineering, Math and Physical Sciences Division offers a host of specialized technical courses in sought-after disciplines, including Automotive Technology, Robotics and Mechatronics, Computerized Numerical Control Programming, and Laser Photonics and Optics.

Workforce & Professional Development Institute (WDPI)

The Workforce & Professional Development Institute (WDPI) at the CLC offers cutting-edge services to employers working across a variety of disciplines, industries and stages of development. From consulting to customized training to help with talent, small business and multinationals alike rely on the WDPI for professional development.

Their Talent Assessment & Development (TAD) software provides turn-key, cloud-based solutions to help employers identify and close employee critical skill gaps. This includes unlimited 360 competency assessments that incorporate feedback from all corners of their organization - customers, managers, and peers. This platform allows employers to better evaluate opportunities and training solutions for talent across all departments, including live workshops, coaching, e-learning and podcasts.

Micro Learning courses are offered across a multitude of job-related skill sets, including Business Writing Essentials, Managing Change, Presentation Skills, Assertive Communication, and Managing Meetings. Available to TAD users, the micro learning courses are an excellent method of delivering bite-sized, on-demand content to learners for easier absorption and better retention rates. Training and learning are more personalized, as employees can choose to view more training courses when and where they want. CLC has thousands of Micro Learning courses in over 20 categories such as Leadership, Project Management, Safety, Communications, Cybersecurity and Selling Skills.

Lake County lies at the intersection of dozens of prominent local colleges, providing a diverse talent pool.