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WIth an impressive base of 37,000+ businesses, Lake County has emerged as a major innovation corridor for biotech, pharmaceuticals, logistics, and technology. With 11 Fortune 500 companies in the area and more on the rise, it’s become the prime destination for everything from early stage startups to titans of industry looking to expand. Many businesses on our roster are ranked among the best places to work by Forbes, Chicago Tribune, Crain’s Chicago Business, Working Mothers and more.

Logistics& Accessibility Advantages

Companies in Lake County enjoy the best of both worlds, getting the economic benefits of a major metropolitan area at a fraction of the cost of downtown Chicago and coastal metro areas. It’s why over 670 CEOS call it home. Businesses have access to the Midwest’s largest talent pool, with over 5.6 million people living within a commute radius. Chicagoland has also become a major destination for new Big 10 grads, attracting talent from across the globe.

Lake County also remains a Midwest powerhouse for advanced manufacturing, making up 30 percent of its Gross Regional Product.

670 CEOs

Call Lake County home


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Life Sciences

With Cornerstone, employers within the Biotech space have easy access to one of the region’s fastest growing talent pools, with Life Science jobs in the area increasing nearly 10 percent over the last five years.

Companies can leverage Cornerstone’s expansive, pad-ready sites to develop research areas, quality control (QC) labs, and production facilities. Our land parcels allow for the launch of pilot operations and materials production for clinical trial phases 1, 2, and 3 all the way through to market entry.

Cornerstone’s utility infrastructure will also permit the installation of sophisticated water systems, HVAC, autoclaves, and depyrogenation ovens.


Cornerstone’s centralized location provides a strategic supply chain advantage, sitting within close proximity to Waukegan Port District, Port of Chicago, major factories, and rail lines.

Cornerstone accommodates facilities that need various aisle widths - from the standard 12’ to very narrow 6’ designs - allowing for the use of counterbalanced and swing arm forklifts. Our sites allow for the construction of flooring resistant to abrasion, compression, and capable of supporting over 11,000 PSI, allowing for the movement of a wide range of devices. Space also enables over 75-foot light candles, providing enough room for bulk storage areas.


Numerous pharmaceutical giants call Lake County home, drawing from a well-educated, pool of talent who leverage the area’s vast college and vocational systems and extensive job-training programs.

Pharmaceutical companies at Cornerstone will occupy spaces optimized to accommodate the appropriate drug-line storage conditions. Our tenants will have flexibility to control lighting, temperature, and humidity to meet manufacturer requirements.


Home to a plethora of tech titans, Lake County’s innovation cluster encompasses over 11,000 computer professionals. As of 2020, one in 10 jobs in Lake County are in professional and technology services.

Cornerstone’s space and utility infrastructure will allow for various wire routes from multiple providers, optimizing their efficiency at transferring data across locations. The development accommodates state-of-the-art cooling systems to regulate temperature, including water-based technology which benefits from Lake County’s cost-effective and plentiful water supply.